Drama Force Peter Pan Jr: Zachary

To make our summer camp Drama Force happen, we need a strong and dedicated group of people working behind the stage. One of these people is Zach Barrett, the Stage Manager for this years' production Peter Pan Jr. Zach was born and raised right here in Fort McMurray and has spent close to 15 years in the Fort McMurray theatre scene.

"I started out with some acting workshops very similar to Drama Force when I was nine year old. We would meet a few times a week in the evenings and put together a full one act play, to put on in the Keyano Recital Theatre at the end of a semester. I went from those workshops all the way up to completing my first two years of Post Secondary Stage education at Keyano as well, learning both on-stage tactics as an actor and technical theatre work, mostly in sound and stage management. Needless to say when Alan asked me to help our for a thing called Drama Force, I jumped as high as I could at the chance to give back a little to something that helped me so much growing up.

I've been helping out with Drama Force in varying capacity for its full four year run now. This year I'm back in the Stage Management chair after being there for year one. Although that's only part of my job during Drama Force this year; I also work on Improv games, character work and vocal warm up and preparedness to keep everyone from pushing themselves too hard in the voice department."

What are you're top three favorite things about Drama Force? 

"For me, the simple fact that I get to spend eight hours a day working on creating a show is a remarkably rewarding use of ones time, but that's just made all better by the team I end up working with every year.  Everyone at Keyano is such a joy to work with, and making a project like Peter Pan Jr, work is just made better by how everyone wants to help out! I could talk about how awesome everyone helping out are, but that will likely take more time than answering the actual questions!"

 The students during rehearsal of  Peter Pan Jr . (Photo: Zach Barrett)

The students during rehearsal of Peter Pan Jr. (Photo: Zach Barrett)



"Perhaps my cheesiest answer is the students. As cliche as it may sounds, in all seriousness it's such an amazing thing we get to do. There have been many times when we have been able to watch students that find it hard to fit in anywhere else and help them grow. We don't only tell them that they are welcome, but that they are important to making a group effort like this happen at all!  Heck, it worked for me growing up - look at me being asked about a youth intensive! It would never have happened if a similar opportunity wasn't presented to me as a kid! Not to mention getting to see how many very talented artists there are among the younger members of this community. It's quite mind boggling when you realize how much an opportunity like Drama Force means for them and their ability to express themselves."


Would you be a lost boy, a mermaid or a pirate?

"Lost Boy, Warrior, Mermaid, Pirate... I know some are winking at me about the mermaid option for certain reasons, but I've been told I look like a Pirate for years now. I can't let my pirate-like appearance stop now!"

 Zach pictured backstage during the Wood Buffalo Arts Awards in 2016. (Photo: Thorne-Carpentier Photography)

Zach pictured backstage during the Wood Buffalo Arts Awards in 2016. (Photo: Thorne-Carpentier Photography)


Tickets to the show can be found at keyano.ca/theatre or by contacting the Keyano Theatre Box Office at (780) 791-4990