A Christmas Carol 2017: Spencer


Today in The Backstage Chronicles we meet a first-time actor: Spencer Biegun! Born and raised in Edmonton (and a Huge Eskimos fan – when she was in her 20's, she didn’t miss a single home game), she first moved to Fort McMurray at the age of 27. "I was lonely so I moved to Calgary for a few years where I met my husband. I missed Fort McMurray so much so I moved him back here with me, he had never stepped foot in Fort McMurray before. He lives at the golf course and I volunteer for anything and everything in my free time. I have a spectacular job working at Waypoints – the harder I work, the more I give back!"

"I adore the people that I have met during this process. Karen, the director, makes you feel so warm and fuzzy! She is brilliant and I love working with her. I was (and still am) surprised with how much behind the scenes work goes into each and every play. I’ve only watched shows in the past and never really thought about it before."


Why did you decide to audition? 

"I hate being the centre of attention! I am definitely a behind the scenes person. That being said, I constantly try to do things outside my comfort zone. I also just happened to be working with two seasoned actors in the community who raved about being in different productions. TJ Carabeo convinced me to try, and helped me though every step. He helped me find a monologue and sat through me practising it over and over again. I was so nervous before the audition, but the moment I finished I felt amazing!"

What are you looking forward to this KTC season?

"I can’t wait for the Drowsy Chaperone! It looks like such a fun production.

How about A Christmas Carol?

"I have one scene that I can watch over and over again and it makes me laugh. Even just thinking about it makes me smile, but I don’t want to give it away."

What has been harder than you thought it would be?

"I am so impressed with how people memorize their lines. I have ten at the most and I was stressing! Watching Tim Heggie (Ebenezer Scrooge) and Phill (Jacob Marley) rattle off these monologues is so impressive."

How are you spending the holidays?

"I love Christmas soooooo much. I even had a Christmas-in-August wedding! My amazing mother made my bouquet, all the centre pieces and wreaths. Every year I would decorate my tree with all my wedding ornament and use the bouquet as the star. Sadly we lost our house during the wildfire, but I was able to find two of my Christmas ornaments in the rubble! I’m way too afraid to put them on the tree, but they will be with me forever."

"Thanks to everyone in the production for making me feel like I’m one of the family! (Thank you to Emily for bringing cupcakes!)

 Spencer with the rest of the cast and crew of A Christmas Carol (2017).

Spencer with the rest of the cast and crew of A Christmas Carol (2017).

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