Behind the Scenes of Spoon River Anthology: Diana

 (Photo: Sean Mclennan)

(Photo: Sean Mclennan)

The first time we introduced Diana Moser in The Backstage Chronicles, she was the ASM of our Christmas production The Other Side of The Pole. This time around, Diana is one of the actors who are taking the stage as multiple characters in Spoon River Anthology directed by Karen Towsley. A familiar face to many who frequent Keyano Theatre, Diana has previously been featured in Les Miserables (2014), Cabaret (2015), A Few Good Men (2015) and Run For Your Wife (2016). During the day, she is an avid contributor to the Fort McMurray arts community and the Communications Manager for Arts Council Wood Buffalo, while at night she has dazzled the Alberta theatre scene with the one act play Check, Please! that won Outstanding Actor, Actress, Director and Production at the 2016 Provincial ADFA One Act Play Festival. Most recently, her one woman show The Hope Slide was featured during the Spring Scenes - ADFA One Act Play Festival, where she took home the Outstanding Actress award.

How has this production been compared to your other KTC adventures?

 During rehearsal for  Spoon River Anthology , with actor Sheri Reed, Stage Manager Barry Cook and Director Karen Towsley. (Photo: Hanna F

During rehearsal for Spoon River Anthology, with actor Sheri Reed, Stage Manager Barry Cook and Director Karen Towsley. (Photo: Hanna F

"This show is like a combination of other shows I've done at Keyano Theatre (musicals, drama, comedy) while also being a completely unique piece. This is the most I've ever played my instruments in a show which is fun! My last KTC show was full of theatre veterans, so to come back to the Keyano stage in a group with such varied experiences is really interesting for me. I'm also working with a director and stage manager new to me, which is exciting. Once again I am learning from new people, which is creatively stimulating and I'm grateful for it.

What stands out to me is how much we are creating the world we are playing in as we are playing in it - the set, the sounds, etc. And how much focus this takes because of the responsibility we have to each other as ensemble members. I won't say much more because that will give things away!

One of the most challenging parts is the intricacies of the play - switching between characters, playing music, changing costumes, moving set pieces, and being part of a seamless world on stage that supports everyone else. It's a really complex choreography that I admit is taking a long time to really get in both my mind and body!"

 As Lt. Cdr. JoAnne Galloway in  A Few Good Men  (2015) directed by David Horak. (Photo: Sean Mclennan)

As Lt. Cdr. JoAnne Galloway in A Few Good Men (2015) directed by David Horak. (Photo: Sean Mclennan)

What has community theatre meant to you?

"Keyano Theatre brought me into this community, made it a home. It has been a catalyst in my life and opened me to possibilities and opportunities I've never thought of before. These people are some of the most important people in my life, whether I've worked directly with them or just seen them up on stage themselves. I've learned so much and continue to learn so much about myself. And wow is it ever rewarding!

In Spoon River Anthology, I love each new step we take, each element that gets added, the journey. I'm really excited for the first time we really get it all together, and for each time a new audience shares it with us.

 As Sally Bowles in  Cabaret  (2015) directed by Paul Gélineau. (Photo: Sean Mclennan)

As Sally Bowles in Cabaret (2015) directed by Paul Gélineau. (Photo: Sean Mclennan)


Live theatre is very important to this community. People support it in so many ways and care about it, not just the ones who are on stage. They'll be there and they'll encourage others to come too because they will be engaged with a story that is all about a community reflecting on itself, something we are doing ourselves right now."


Preview: April 27, 8:00 pm Opening: April 28, 8:00 pm Show dates: April 29, May 4, May 5, May 6, 2017 8:00 pm

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Genre: Drama Rating: Appropriate for all audiences

In the fictional small town of Spoon River we are introduced to the ghosts of the people that were once its inhabitants who took their secrets to the grave. While exploring the evocative story, both the sad and humorous sides of life are portrayed in the haunting performance with fetching ballads and the free verse of Edgar Lee Masters.

“A dramatic presentation reduced to its simplest terms… moving and beautiful… An evening of astonishingly stirring emotional satisfaction.” – New York Post

“A glowing theatre experience… A brooding and loving American folk poem brought to life on a stage.”– The New York Times