The Other Side of The Pole: Tech Week Talk with the Director

Opening night is so close! How are you feeling?

"Very excited. And ready. It's a very similar anticipation of having a special gift for a loved one and being excited for them to unwrap it. This is our gifts back to our community. After an especially tough year, it's time for a little warmth, love, happiness, and hope."


This is you directorial main stage debut, tell us a bit about the experience so far!

"It has been quite a surreal opportunity. I have been blessed to work on such a beautiful script, with an incredibly dedicated creative team and cast. It's been an amazing process working with this team to bring this story to life. Watching the actors develop their characters and relationships with each other has been a great experience. Our Musical Director Sarah Neiman has helped create a beautiful musical landscape to help tell our story, and has pushed and supported each of the actors to new strengths in their vocal abilities. Set and Costume designer Stacey Beach has really gone out of her way to create one of the most endearing sets I have ever worked on, as a director or as an actor. And lighting designer Alan Roberts has really created a genuine sense of Christmas magic with his stunning lighting elements.

It has been such an honour working with these incredible professionals. I have learnt so much from this experience and already chomping at the bit to start another project, incorporating everything I have learned from working on The Other Side of the Pole."



What is Q2Q and tech week? 

"Tech week is where all of the technical elements of the production are added into the rehearsal process. There is quite a lot of unseen work that is put into every theatre production, and the funny thing about the technical elements is that the more effective the are the less you notice them because they seamlessly intertwine with the actors performances to tell a cohesive story and get the directions vision to come to life."


"Lights must be hung and focused, sound effects must be tested, microphone levels set, cues incorporated into stage management scripts. In this particular show some of our final technical events include covering the entire stage with snow-like batting and creating giant candy-shaped pillows. I don't want to give away too many more secrets!

Q2Q is the point in the rehearsal where all individual elements are brought together. Lights, sound, music (yes those are separate), props, costumes, flying set pieces, the list goes on. Q2Q is an intense but necessary step in the rehearsal process to take the production to the level the audience will see."

What has surprised you about this production?

"Not to be totally corny, but I've been surprised by just how powerful the spirit and warmth of Christmas can be. Not every person involved in the show was a Christmas fanatic before starting this production, but I think all of us have fallen under the Christmas spell. We can't wait to share our Holiday Spirit with the rest of our wonderful community."


The Other Side of The Pole opens on November 25 at Keyano Theater. Tickets available here or at the Keyano Box Office!


Author: Hanna Fridhed