Behind the Scenes of The Other Side of The Pole: Reese

One of the most experienced actors in the cast of The other Side of The Pole is also the youngest: meet Reese Stanley! Reese just turned 14 and loves singing, performing and baking. She's also a talented cheerleader, bringing her flair and somersaults to the main stage. Reese started her theatre journey in 2014 when she auditioned for Cosette in the KTC production Les Miserables. Instead of Cosette, she was offered the role of Gavroche, a part she played beautifully. She even cut her hair short for the it! Reese also appeared in A Christmas Carol the following season. Now she's back on the main stage, appearing as Sparkles and Sandy in the upcoming family Christmas musical, opening on November 25, 2016!




One of her favorite memories from KTC was during tech week for A Christmas Carol. Sometimes tech week can be an outdrawn process, as there are a lot of things that are being added to the show at that point. One of the scenes was taking a while so Reese and a few other girls from the cast sat down together and watched The Muppet Christmas Carol.


 Being a part of KTC and the community theatre has meant a lot to Reese: "you learn a lot about both yourself and other actors. You learn a lot about performing and get to meet so many awesome people! Being in Les Miserables was so fun, I learned a lot from performing in a musical."


"The Other Side of the Pole is such an exciting and happy play. Michelle has done a great job putting the Christmas spirit into it and everyone who come to see it will leave the theatre feeling that spirit! Sandy is such a fun, hope driven character whose imagination can sometimes get a little out of control. Sparkle is a very happy character with a lot of energy! Working in this play has been awesome, it's so nice to be around such great actors and being able to learn from them."


The Other Side of The Pole opens on November 25 at Keyano Theater. Tickets available here or at the Keyano Box Office!

Author: Hanna Fridhed