The Faces of KTC: Mark Armstrong

Meet the people on and off stage at the Keyano Theatre Company!One person who caught the acting bug after being cast in the 2014 production of A Christmas Carol is Mark Armstrong, who ended up acting in several plays. Read his thoughts on taking to the stage for the first time and what community theatre has meant to him!
"I first got involved with the Keyano Theatre Company when I saw a Facebook post about auditions for A Christmas Carol - and I love that play! I decided it was worth a shot to go try out, hoping to just secure a spot as a lamp post at best. I was somehow rewarded with the role of Fred, Scrooge's nephew. I was overwhelmed!"



"I didn't really have any theatre experience before A Christmas Carol. I had done a few high school shows.... back in high school, which was 14 years ago at the time of my first Keyano audition. I had never done anything of that calibre before, working with such amazing actors, costumes, stage and management! I still remember nodding along during rehearsal - having no idea what was going on."


"I have been fortunate enough to receive parts in A Christmas Carol (2014), A Few Good Men (2015), Into The Woods (2016) and Run for your Wife (2016). I was lucky to basically act in a different genre for all of my performances - Christmas, drama, musical and comedy. Each was a fantastic experience, but Into the Woods was my favourite. I had never sang before and the tireless efforts of the music director Hilary made that possible. Plus, I was a prince who got to prance around in amazing boots on a wooden horsie.... It was fantastic!"


"My favorite part of my KTC experience has been the people. You become a family - everyone is welcome. I have never met a more inclusive loving group of individuals in my life and I will always cherish my memories with them.

Being involved with the community theatre made me feel a part of the community. For anyone who has ever made the move to Fort McMurray, you know that it is difficult to find your place in the community beyond your job. The theatre really made Fort McMurray home for me.

To anyone who has thought about auditioning: Do it.  Even if it's just a thought in your mind. Whether you have acted or never acted before in your life. Do it. You will not regret a moment of your time at KTC. A wonderful world awaits you!"


Keyano Theatre Company are auditioning for the upcoming production of Footloose on November 14 & 15, 2016. CLICK HERE to sign up!