Behind the Scenes of The Other Side of The Pole: Diana

Meet one of the Assistant Stage Managers of The Other Side of The Pole:


During the day, she is the interim Executive Director for the Arts Council of Wood Buffalo, but in the evenings she takes on the role as Assistant Stage Manager for the upcoming KTC production The Other Side of The Pole, directed by Michelle Thorne. Her theatre journey in Fort McMurray started in the ensemble of Les Miserables in 2014, to be followed by the parts of Sally Bowles in Cabaret, Lt. Cdr. JoAnne Galloway in A Few Good Men and Barbara Smith in Run For Your Wife. Having spent most of her time on stage, she has now decided to experience Keyano from behind the scenes!


"This is the first time I'm part of a show as an ASM, it's very interesting! I've been involved as in actor in most of the productions I've been in over the past couple years. This spring I put on a one act play (Check, Please!) with my theatre partner Zenon Campbell and we wore all the hats - director, producer, designer, etc."


"That was an eye opening experience, and I decided I wanted to learn more about putting on a play than just being an actor! Luckily I have the opportunity with this production to work with some experienced theatre artists. Steph Link, the resident Stage Manager at Keyano Theatre and Natalie Farahani, the other ASM, are very supportive with my learning curve. There's so much paperwork and bits and pieces to keep track of!"


"I have some directing projects on the horizon, so to have the chance to sit on the side and really watch how our director Michelle Thorne works and how the actors go through their process is incredibly valuable for me. When you're an actor you're pretty much wrapped up in your own experience so to watch the big picture is enlightening. I've always tried to be aware and respectful of what the artistic team, stage management, and crew does to make the show happen but to actually be part of that work and hear the dialogue with all the production partners is so interesting. Although as an ASM I'm more directly involved with specific moving parts of the show, such as props, being aware of everything that has to come together from the stage manager, director, designers, music, lighting, etc. gives me a holistic sense of the show."


"The group of people that Michelle has brought together are fantastic - I'm loving every second of this and learning so much, as I'm sure most of us are. This show is fun and meaningful and personally an important step in my own theatre journey. It's a story that will entertain people and is also something they can connect to in their own ways. I think the community will really enjoy it!"

Diana Moser


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